Contacting Lawrence Upton

Apologies if you prefer more polished and supposedly professional-looking websites. ("Trust me - my website gleams"). A few exceptions aside, I write these pages myself, using the simplest of techniques. It's a means of communication but not of persuasion.

You should be able to find out what you want to know about me from these pages. I am also on Linked In, though I am not sure why.

I am not on Facebook and do not tweet. I gave up on MySpace.

Much of my published work is available free. All of it is priced more than reasonably except the stuff that's got into the hands of dealers

If you really need to speak to me about my art, you can email me on info (at) wfuk (dot) org (another dot) uk. I may not answer. It depends what you say!

I can provide a mailing address to you if it is necessary.

I have a monthly newsletter announcing the main points of what I have done or am about to do - use the info email above and ask to be added to the mailshot list.

Please ask me always if you wish to make use of my work. If I do not agree then you may not use it! But I am generally keen to oblige

Lawrence Upton