[Sancread to Crows-an-wra]

Wandelt sich rasch auch die Welt

wie Wolkengestalten,

alles Vollendete fällt

heim zum Uralten

R M Rilke

Sonnets to Orpheus I, 19

lines 1 - 4

1 “Wandelt sich rasch auch die Welt”

Space is hard.

Voice lacks continuing gesture.

Landscape dominance, perspective hesitation.

Solidarity through similarity,

Human the state of circumstantial nature –

we cease to perceive

the quality of senses –

the listener a locus of imposed morphology

to accommodate description, or a hill;

equivocal certainty of interpretation

the human doing

violence to

the recognisable

The indicative a factory of transformation

2 "wie Wolkengestalten"

Formalised threats are saturated by the normal…

A glance between the curtain and some herbivores

counterpoints eternity and experience –

morphological variation

3 "alles Vollendete fällt"

Perceptual ideology moves heavy creatures.

The motion is partly circular;

making all directions regular;

each crossing, internally,

the framing; the movement scenery,

high-frequency broad spectrum emissions

a sequence distancing explosive glossolalia

falling in and out of illumination,

primary substance of the spatial


the garden would be heuristic

5 "heim zum Uralten"

Bodies contextualise time –

rotation between multiple ambiguities –

humanity without sentient form,

timbre of the accidental, attempts

to experience the transformational

a priori

published in Bad Press # 2