Selected interviews etc with Lawrence Upton

Lawrence Upton

Updated February 2014

[The reader will find some interviewers more perceptive and rigorous than others. After a recent rereading of the interview by Caroline Andrews, perhaps I should apologise for being so grumpy. Perhaps not. I knew her well enough to know she would survive it.]

interviewed by Christina Epperson 2013

interviewed by Rebeccah Giltrow, November 2012 for her Writer Interviews series (and in connection with Upton's work with Writers Forum)

Sonic Visuals, a film about Lawrence Upton by Benedict Taylor, Summer 2010

interviewed by Steve Willey, 4th March 2010 for the film The Sound Of Writers Forum which was launched 22nd March 2010

Interviewed by William English Resonance F M Sunday 27th September 2009

Interviewed by Mark Jackson by email on Upton's artistic association with Bob Cobbing. To be print published

Interviewed by Rob McLennan 2007

Interviewed by William English Resonance F M at 4 p m on Friday 4th May 2007. [The programme included extracts from London performances at The Klinker and at Aquarium Gallery, the latter a set of improvisations with Caroline Kraabel (saxophone).] NB It is not known if this survives; though it probably does; Lawrence Upton is not in possession of a copy.

Interviewed by Jane Marsh 2004 - Neon Highway # 8 printed magazine

Personal statement in 2000, modified slightly 2014, about Upton's secondary education Upton's secondary education

Interviewed by Martin Spinelli 1999, for Radio ,Radio CD 13

Interviewed, with Bob Cobbing, regarding their collaborations, by Martin Spinelli 1999, for Radio Radio CD 16

In discussion with Bob Cobbing and Alaric Sumner 1999 in Riding the Meridian 1999 also republished as a pamphlet by Writers Forum 2004 now out of print

Interviewed in 1998 by Caroline Andrews