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Lawrence Upton, a photograph by Benedict Taylor, 2011, ©

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Revised January 2013

FORTHCOMING One Many in Beginning again in the middle ed Hanson et al [Nowt Press, 2013]

FORTHCOMING Re-Orienteering in Journal of Writing in Creative Practice

FORTHCOMING Sound-singing Carlo Carra in One hundred years of Futurism: Aesthetic, Political and Performative Assessments ed by John London (Britsol: Intellect).

FORTHCOMING Working with Bob Cobbing in Journal of British and Irish Innovative Poetry

separate physicalities collaborating included in Artist's Book Yearbook : 2012-2013 edited by Sarah Bodman; published September 2011 by Impact Press; 254pp, 21 x 29.7 cm, paperback. 

The photocopier in visual poetry published in Psycick Dance Hall 4, 2011. This essay arose from the author's AHRC Fellowship at Goldsmith's, University of London 

Alaric Sumner's "Parasitic" hard copy published in Parasitic by Alaric Sumner (Writers Forum, August 2008)

Walking, interference in Necessary Steps; Shearsman 2007

On Choreographed Utterance edited version published in P-Queue, Buffalo, USA; September 2006; full version published in a song and a film by Upton (Veer Publications, 2009

A LOT IS POSSIBLE: Sub Voicive Poetry in Words Out Loud: ten essays about poetry readings; edited by Mark Robinson; Stride Books, 2002

Writers Forum - Life by 1000 books in A Book of the Book, ed. Rothenberg & Clay, Granary Books, New York; 2000

Co-editing "Word Score Utterance Choreography" given at Unpacking the anthology conference, Edge Hill University College; July 1999. Published as a pamphlet by housepress, Canada

Interpreting the visual in poetry? Kings Talks King's College, London; June 1999. Partially published "Two Concepts of Normalization" by Vaclac Havel in Open Letter, a Canadian Journal of Writing and Theory, Eleventh Series, No. 7: Spring 2003 - Language Graphic