and still we rise

a lone

singing bird


one skim of light

flows against ebony

and rushes

a slight touch

a tiny push would start it

I wake

I hear the song

more clearly

dimension beyond my predication

another voice begins to breathe its own song

the bed smells

clothes blown about and stranded

my hands are full

my face sticky as from blackberries and plums

scents call quicker than logic tells

as when you move before you have decided

to protect to capture to respond

we're predators in full liquidity

covering the surface

sea recollection cave siphoning

prompting the bird to sing

in a world that's broken

translucent viscous fluid light

whited out

our albumen dried

our yolk our yoke

and still we rise and make it if we can

nourished beyond endurance and half-starved

shipwrecked on a desert

whirled round in chaos

fragments in a centrifuge

the tide against our will and powerful

pulled to the bottom every time